Using some of the most prestigious teaching models in the world, such as Engineering Design Process (EDP), Software Development Cycle, and the 4E + 1A method, developed by teachers, at the Rice University, we help students develop the most needed skills set of the jobs of the future:  

  • THINK creatively and critically


Our Online Courses Are FREE!


These are the grade specific, short, Two-Weeks courses:   

Grade 5 - 12

These course are designed to spark your child's imagination and give her an good understanding of the curriculum she would learn throughout the school year. 

The course is delivered in-class using award-winning VR content, to provide the most effective immersive learning experience. 

Coming in 2020.   


Design Thinking: Level 1

Free Online Course

This course is dedigned for grades 6 - 8 to make students THINK logically and sequecially, and communicate and interact effectively.  

Coming in 2020


Design Thinking

Free Online Course    

This is Academy's highly recommended course for high school students who are exploring career STEM disciplines and want to improve their skills for jobs of the future.    

The course is based on the Engineering Design Process, EDP, and other methodologies, such as Google, IBM, and Stanford and MIT universities.     

Design Thinking encompasses a mindset that emphasizes open-ended problem solving and encourages students to learn from failure.
Experiencing the Engineering Design Process nurtures students' abilities to create innovative solutions to challenges in any subject!

In 2020, The course would also be delivered in the combination of online learning and in-class activities, using award-winning VR content and award-winning curriculum from highly regarded institutes, such as MIT, to provide the most effective immersive learning experience.   


Coming in 2020. 

 Gear towards high school students.