Dear Parents:  

More than 65% of the high-paying jobs within the next ten years do not exist today. 

Our ground-breaking courses help build the most needed skills your kids would need. 



Design thinking courses start on JANUARY 7, 2020

Building The Most Needed Skills For Tomorrow's  High-Paying Jobs

  • Critical and Creative Thinking

  • Communicate and Interact Effectively  

We incorporate the Engineering Design Process, EPD, and Software Design Cycle, in our teaching to ignite your children's imagination and foster further learning through the research

These are the grade specific, short, Two-Weeks courses:   Grade 5 - 12

These course are designed to spark your child's imagination and give her an good understanding of ....


Coming in 2020.   

Design Thinking: Level 1

Free Online Course


This course is dedigned for grades 6 - 8 to make students THINK logically and sequecially, and communicate and interact effectively.  

Coming in 2020

Design Thinking: Level 2 

Free Online Course 

This is Academy's highly recommended course for high school students who are exploring career STEM disciplines and want to improve their skills for jobs of the future.    The course is based on the Engineering Design Process, EDP ....   

Coming in 2020. 

 Gear towards high school students.  

Program Highlights

  • Choice of online and in-class programs to build the most needed skills for the high-paying jobs of tomorrow 

  • Using activities that would develop skills to communicate and interact effectively, and think creatively and critically 

  • Delivered using ground-breaking technologies

  • Award-Winning contents from the world's best educational resources: MIT, TeachEngineering, and Victory VR.

  • Offered at affordable prices